Why am I pushing tribes so hard, well tribes unlike groups and organizations, are people driven. Tribes create movements, sustainable change, and radical thinking. Tribes are organic and fluid in how they operate. Organizations and groups tend to work on a hierarchical platform. This means unless there are strong leaders willing to be transparent and not threatened by others taking the lead for areas of expertise. A tribe mentality is necessary when working in unison to tackle a herculean task. Growing a small church is difficult if you don’t have the right people on the bus. Jim Collins wrote in his groundbreaking business book Good to Great, in order to tackle large issues, and the issue that are more abstract in nature; we need the right people. Things that require more than innovation and owner mindset require people to have a stake in the work executed.

Tribes are people motivated to make change and for small churches, there are not many resources to explore. This database needs to created, and who better to build the database than the leaders of small churches. The passion needed to help small churches get information has to come from the users who will utilize the data. Using the biblical knowledge we have the bible states, we are helpers one to another. We have to build this tribe because unlike larger churches there is a database established, it’s true we can use the information supplied by larger churches and modify it to fit our needs. The drawback is we have to tailor it to fit our needs.

Helpers one to another

I know from experience trying to take a model from a large church takes a lot of work, in some cases I get halfway through and wished I started from scratch. How awesome would it be to look for how a small church in a major city, in an urban neighborhood, in a low-income area made headway to attract a certain demographic outside of their normal members. As we experiment and share the results our tribe will only get stronger. We are a movement and force to change the world for good. Small churches will become mega miniature ministries once we turn on the tribe mentality. As the great Seth Godin says “Today, it’s even easier to form a tribe with the advent of technology but at the core of this, there needs to be a sense of caring. People part of a tribe need to genuinely care about something and this common interest is what connects them all.

It does’t matter that your tribe is small, Godin explains. A tiny but motivated group of people is much better than a big bunch of people with a weak connection.

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